Premium DNS

Premium domain name service (DNS) for domains

Manage website performance, reliability and security.

Domain DNS Records management and its security is a critical process that ensures the safety of your website, email and online applications and keep them up and running. Iwebslog Premium DNS makes it easy to manage and secure your DNS so your website is always available, performing reliably and safe from hackers and spammers who try to reroute your site and steal sensitive customer information.

  • 99.999%† uptime guarantee
  • Manage unlimited domains (zones)
  • Unlimited records
  • Secure up to 5 domains with DNSSEC
  • No overage fees
  • Reliable, fast Anycast global network
  • Templates to create, save and reuse zone settings
  • Mission critical secondary DNS with syncing (unlimited domains)
  • Advance logging and reporting
  • Built in error checking

Faster performance, 99.999%† Uptime Guarantee
With our Premium Domain DNS Management Tools powered by Global Anycast Network, be assured that your visitors can always find you and that too fast, irrespective of thier location across the globe. Our network is distributed across North America, Europe and Asia and adds to our performance and reliability.

Reduce “website not found/404” Errors
We help our clients to reduce the 404 Not Found errors on thier websites. A typical website Not found error indicates that your website is non existent and is not reliable, and our research shows that the improper DNS management is the root cause for more than 30% of such errors.

Create Mission-critical Secondary DNS
Don’t let Power outages and Internet routing problems to take down your primary DNS and in turn your website. This can reduce sales and hamper running transactions and repels prospective buyers. With Premium DNS You can create a secondary DNS (backup) to resolve your domain DNS and keep your website accessible always.

Close Security Gaps
In a normal DNS System, hackers can can redirect your website’s visitors to a malicious/phishing website and harness their personal data. Iwebslog Premium DNS employs an advanced DNSSEC security system to protect your website’s DNS and its visitors from these attacks. Learn more about DNS vulnerabilities.

Easy to use for beginners, powerful for experts
Premium Domain DNS System is very easy to use and you don’t need to be a computer expert to use it. Our simple online dashboard makes it easy to manage and make updates to your DNS anytime. IEven if you are an advanced user then also you can explore some advanced technical features. We also provide 24/7 access to expert support from certified DNS professionals.

Works with any Budget
We are the only company that provides this all in one solution at such an affordable price in the Industry. Check out how we compare.