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Protect Your Online Business & Let Your Customers Know That Their Private Information Is Safe & Secure with our Security Solutions, Secure your Transactions.

Choose the Right Security Tools for your Business

Online Security is utmost important for you if you are dealing with clients in an online environment. There are plenty of online tools that a online business man should use to keep his clients safe and secure.  Anti-Spyware, Antivirus, System firewalls are among these tools that one can implement on their desktop, laptops, tablets or smartphones. On a web server one needs to maintain the equally important security level by using SSL Certificates, Website Scanners, Server Firewalls, Anti-Spywares, Anti-Virus systems etc. One can use all or either one or a combination of these tools as per their requirements or business. 

  • SSL Certificate protects the data transfer by encryption so that it becomes impossible for hackers to understand it.
  • Code Signing Certificate is for coders or software developers by signing it and making genuine for Customers.
  • Premium DNS secures the DNS System and improves the reliability and performance with our Anycast DNS network.
  • Website Security Scans your website for known vulnerabilities and keeps you updated with threats on your website.

SSL Certificate

A SSL Certificate secures the connecting bridge between your server and customer’s system and encrypts the complete data transfer including credit card numbers, login passwords and private data.

This data elements are critically important and can be misused by hackers or spammers for their own benefit. SSL Certificates makes it impossible for hackers to read it. We issue SSL certificates in minutes and it’s easy to install on our hosting servers, so you can secure your website within few minutes with just 2 clicks. Our SSL is powered by SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption and can cover unlimited servers.

SSL Certificates are best for eCommerce web stores and small to big portals that collect personal information & financial data. Verifies your Domain Control & its authenticity & Secures your site data.

Standard SSL (1-Site)

Standard SSL (5-Site)

cPanel Ultimate

Code Signing Certificate

Developing your own software project. Add a genuine developer signature with your project and maintain the integrity with our Code Signatures. It protects your code from hackers or re-engineers and keeps your code under your own signatures that maintains the originality and keeps up with the trust of your Customers. 

This Code Signatures plays a key role in software development specially for Software Developers or Implementation Teams. By using our signing certificates, you can place a unique digital signature that verifies your code as your own code and maintains the originality of code and shows a red alert banner if someone tries to alter your code. This certificates can also be used for signing hardware drivers with the same level of security and is also required by Microsoft® for operating systems in Vista and later.

Perfect for software developers who want to protect their software or hardware drivers. Verifies your code as your own code and prevents code re-engineering. Primary requirement for some Microsoft operating systems

Code Signing Certificate

Driver Signing Certificate

Website Security

Secure your online business and keep your customers data safe. Iwebslog Website Security is an industry standard website security solution that automatically scans your website for malware or other known vulnerabilities and keeps you updated every day with latest threats and how to resolve the issues. SiteLock displays the security seal that certifies that your website is safe and secure from hackers and other viruses.

SiteLock is a powerful online security tool that keeps hackers away 24/7.

Perfect for: All websites. Scans all website files for html injections, malware and virus attacks.

Website Security Express

Website Security Essential

Plesk Starter

Premium DNS Hosting

A perfect plan for all websites and domains. Stop hackers from hijacking your traffic with Premium DNS. Our Anycast DNS Network also helps eliminate “Site Not Found” errors and improves your site’s speed and reliability.

You don’t have to be a technical expert to improve your site’s reliability and security through your DNS (Domain Name Servers). While hackers often target a site’s DNS as a way to re-route visitors to their own malicious site, Premium DNS prevents this by placing your site’s DNS on our global network. This not only secures the process for your visitors, but also improves your site’s performance and reliability. Learn More

Website Backup

3 Ways to Backup Your Server in the Cloud - TurnKey Internet ...

Keep your data safe while you grow your business online. Automatic backups and one-click restore mean you’re ready for anything that comes your way. With Features like – Automatic daily backups, Built-in daily malware scanning, Back up a file, folder or an entire database. Continuous security monitoring, Downloads to local storage, Easy one-click restore, Secure cloud storage, Expert 24/7 customer support. Plans starts from 5GB onward.

Website Backup 5 GB

Website Backup 25 GB

Website Backup 50 GB