DNS Overview & its weaknesses

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What is DNS (Domain Name Server)

  • On Internet, every domain name is given a series of numbers (under A record) known as an IP address for example, IP address for www.google.com is It’s this number that your browser uses to locate a particular website. You can open the website by using this IP address as well.
  • When we visit any website/domain on internet, our Internet Service provider’s system tries to resolves the Domain DNS (Domain Name Server) through a huge database of domains to find the IP address and then fetches the data from that server and directs your browser to the correct website content.

Why do I need to manage it?
When system is performing a DNS look-up, at that time our system is shaking hands with several servers and this whole to-fro data transfer process consumes a lot of time, which causes issues with the performance, accessibility and security and can take your website offline or increase in not found errors or even redirecting your visitors to any other malicious website and stealing user information by hackers. Premium DNS (DNSSEC enabled) creates an unbreakable “chain of trust” between the visitor’s browser and your server, verifying that the visitor is actually arriving at your website.

Slow DNS response can cause “website not found” errors
On several occasions due to slow DNS resolution, websites runs slow and also increases the chances of not found errors. If the system is just too slow then it can just time out and give the error. Premium DNS makes sure that your DNS is fast and always available round the clock.

Hackers can compromise your website

A hacker can easily interfere with the loosely managed DNS process. It’s a very common DNS weakness that can enable any hacker to manipulate the DNS routing and redirect your website to their similarly looking malicious website and steal customer’s information like credit cards, usernames, passwords.

How does Iwebslog Premium DNS help?

  • Premium Domain DNS Manager makes it easy to manage and secure your DNS and improves the performance, accessibility and security of your website with our Global Anycast DNS Network.
  • We connect to multiple servers around the world and distribute your DNS data to this servers. When visitors browse your site, they get routed via the closest server to their location for a fast & steady response.
  • Our advanced DNS security feature (DNSSEC) prevents hacking by securing the “look up” channel & process and ensures that the visitor is actually coming at YOUR site.

Manage website performance, reliability and security.
DNS management and security is critical in keeping your website, email and online applications up and running and readily available round the clock with reliability. Premium Domain DNS makes it easy to manage and secure your DNS so your website is always available, performing reliably and safe from hackers who try to reroute your site and steal sensitive customer information. What is DNS and why do I need to manage it?