How Premium DNS Works?

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Solve top DNS issues to improve security, reliability and performance.

What good is your website if visitors can’t reach it? Premium DNS makes it easy to resolve common issues that prevent people from accessing your site, improving your overall performance, availability and security.

Better Website Security

Problem: Hackers can hijack or hack your site and manipulate DNS and use it against you and sometimes can steal customer important data. Website hacking is a very common vulnerability of DNS systems across the globe. Insecure DNS management attracts hackers and they use it to steal customer data like credit cards, usernames or passwords. It’s an easy tactic for hackers to steal private information. During this process a customer is being redirected to any other similarly looking malicious website when they try to visit yours.

Solution: Our Premium Domain DNS Manager (DNSSEC enabled) creates an unbreakable “chain of trust” between the visitor’s browser and your server, and ensures that every visitor is actually arriving at your website.

Problem: Keep all Data Transfer private on Web.

During the web browsing, customers system drops the packets of information on the web. This data eavesdropping can be used by hackers to steal vital customer information. Hackers tracks the data transfer through the DNS servers and reads the data flow through the DNS server and grabs the usernames and passwords and use them to perform malicious acts.

Our Premium DNS ensures that you are at the right website and shuts down the eavesdropping.

Enhanced Performance and Reliability

Problem: “Website not found” or 404 errors can force your customers to leave your website and go somewhere else and drop the sales. A generic website not found error is unprofessional and indicates that your infrastructure is not full-proof enough to handle the customer visit and may even leave an impression that you actually doesn’t exists.

Solution: Our Premium DNS makes sure your website is always available by using our Global Anycast Network, which provides multiple layers of redundancy. Your DNS records are stored and distributed on multiple servers throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia, so if one server should go down, your website will still be online. With unlimited secondary DNS, you always have a failsafe/backup in case of a major outage.

Incredibly Faster Performance

Problem: During prolonged DNS look-ups, performance of website decreases and your visitors can see delays and timeout errors on your website. The main reason behind this delay is long distance DNS lookups where multiple servers are engaged to determine the location of website. Customers who at the farther distance from your data-center can experience the worst delays or not found errors. The more cable between your server and your customer’s computer, the longer it takes for them to reach your site.

Iwebslog Premium DNS infrastructure offers enhanced domain security and faster DNS resolution than the standard DNS infrastructure. Using our Anycast DNS, your website would always be available with more security, fast processing and reliability and customers can connect via closest server from their location.

Enhance Website performance, Reliability and Security.

Proper DNS management and security is critical in keeping your website, email and online applications up and running. Premium DNS makes it easy to manage and secure your DNS so your website is always available, performing reliably and safe from hackers who try to reroute your site and steal sensitive customer information. More than 40 million domains trust our DNS infrastructure to make sure their web applications are always available.