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TLD Registration Restrictions

TLDs and ccTLDs Registration Restrictions None. .am None. .asia If your business, organization, or community group is located in the Asia-Pacific region or if at least one of your domain name contacts resides there, you can register a .asia domain name. See Registering .asia Domain Names for more information. .at None. .be None. .biz None. If the registrant or administrative contact do not have a valid Brazilian address, we provide a trustee service for the registration. See Registering .br Domain Names for more information. None. .ca Eligible applicants can register .ca domain names on a first-come, first-served… Read More

What are domain zone files and zone records?

Zone files organize the zone records for domain names and subdomains in a DNS server. Every domain name and subdomain has a zone file, and each zone file contains zone records. These files, editable in any plain text editor, hold the DNS information linking domain names and subdomains to IP addresses. Zone files usually contain several different zone records. NOTE: Although domain names might have subdomains, the zone files for subdomains are not considered sub-zone. All zone files are separate entities and do not have a hierarchical structure. The most common records contained in a zone file are start of… Read More

How to Boost your Website Speed in WordPress?

Your website too slow to load or server response time is high. Want to boost the speed of your WordPress website even if it’s not slow. Page speed is one of the most important factors in ranking search results in google and it definitely impacts your overall SEO score. A good page speed gives you an edge over other websites with similar content. In this post we’ll cover how you can boost the speed of your WordPress blog. Web Hosting Provider Choose a reliable web-hosting service provider for your WordPress. Some of the shared hosting providers sell the WordPress hosting… Read More

List of TLDs and ccTLDs

Asia-Pacific .ASIA Reach the growing Asian market. .COM.AU The preferred option for Australian businesses. .NET.AU A great option for Australian businesses, informational sites & more. .ORG.AU Perfect for your Australian associations & non-profit organizations. .CC There’s only one domain for the Cocos Islands – .cc. .CO.NZ The perfect domain for your New Zealand business. .FM A domain for all the islands of Micronesia. .IN Connect to the millions of Indian residents online. .CO.IN The domain for commercial interests in India. .FIRM.IN Connect with local Indian residents and consumers. .GEN.IN Expand your Web presence in India. .IND.IN Indian residents, get your… Read More

How to find the best domain names for your Online Brands

We have picked up some of the most asked questions as below – Are good domain names are still available? Do you prefer short domain names or meaningful domain names? How do you get a very short domain name? How important is Domain name? I am planning to start domain business like buying and selling domain names. How can I start and proceed? Can I buy domain names of already existing brands? What is the best way to test multiple domain names for a new business? Where to register the domain name? Are good domain names are still available? Off-course… Read More