Common threats to your Site.

The Web can be a dangerous place. Let Site Scanner protect you.
Site Scanner looks for weaknesses on your website that a hacker can exploit. It scans forms, login and password fields, internal and external links – places where a hacker could get in to deface your website, steal information or infect your customers with malware. Site Scanner scans for more than 3,000 vulnerabilities every day, including spyware, back doors, SQL injection opportunities and cross-site scripting (XSS) holes. Here are just a few common examples:

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  • Stealing your customer information
    Input fields — like name, address, email, login or password — can be a hacker’s playground. When fields aren’t checked properly, a hacker can insert code into a field that can potentially expose your website database and all of your customer’s information! This is a favorite exploit for identity theft.
  • Defacing your website
    There is no better way to scare off customers than for a hacker to vandalize your website. Hackers can inject malicious code into input fields, so when your visitors submit comments or forms, derogatory messages appear. This makes it clear that your site is not secure!
  • Infecting your customers
    Links on your website are also a common access point for hackers. For example, you may include a link on your site for your customers to download product information. If the URL is not properly checked on the server side, hackers can inject malicious code that redirects customers to another site and deploys spyware or malware to their computers.
  • Don’t be blacklisted by Google®!
    Without Site Scanner, you might not even know that your website is being used to spread malicious software. If your site is deemed “suspicious” by Google, they will “blacklist” it from their search engine – causing you to lose traffic, customers and sales. Site Scanner works to alert you of vulnerabilities before this can happen – and checks Google Safe Browsing daily to make sure your website isn’t on the “blacklist.”