SC Magazine’s Best Security Team Award 2011 Winner

Our security team exists at the epicenter of the company’s operations. As the world’s largest domain name registrar and top web hosting provider, we serves more than 8.3 million customers. With more than 43 million domain names under management and as the authoritative DNS provider for one-third of the internet, We put our security team at the forefront, ensuring a safe online experience for users across the globe.

In its six years of operation, the security team has matured from one person to more than 50. It works around the clock, running robust, 24/7 network and security operations centers, monitoring 100,000 security events per second. Dedicated team members are constantly monitoring for attacks or anomalies across Iwebslog’s security systems, proactively detecting threats and working swiftly to eliminate them.

The team’s success rate is a testament to its vigilant security strategy, blocking more than 100 million attacks every day.

As the dominant carrier of the world’s websites, Iwebslog has the critical responsibility of ensuring a safe online experience not only for Iwebslog customers, but also for internet users across the globe. As such, Iwebslog executives hold a deep-seated level of respect for the company’s security team. Their mission is fully embraced by our employees and is critical to the company’s success.

Iwebslog is dedicated to keeping customer data secure, with 24/7 physical security and network monitoring in place for all its data centers, domestic and international.

Recently, our executives promoted a chief information security officer from within the company’s development arm, with the intention to better align Iwebslog’s security and development strategies.

By working to provide security services to customers and integrate into several product development groups internally, Iwebslog’s security team operates in a corporate culture that is ripe for the execution.

The security team propels its CISO daily, working closely with departments across the organization to make sure security is a key requirement – not an afterthought – of Iwebslog solutions. Under the directives of the CISO, the team serves as a bastion of security for all other departments within the company, and ultimately, for its customers.