Expert Hands

Need help administering your server? Make the most of your Dedicated Server by letting our expert staff help you. Call (480) 624-2500 for a quote.  

Expert Hands services include:

  • FREE diagnosis
  • Install 3rd-party Web-based software or add-on module to a control panel
  • Database assistance, such as data import/export
  • Optimization of MySQL® Databases and Apache® webservice
  • Port changes such as ssh, rdc and remote database access
  • Dedicated and Virtual Dedicated password resets
  • Dedicated and Virtual Dedicated backup/restore (only with FTP back-up add-on)
  • Installation of 3rd-party SSL Certificates
  • Migration of content to customer’s server or Web hosting account
  • PHP/ASP Modules (per module)
  • Configuration of game servers

Expert Hands services will not perform the following tasks:

  • Script troubleshooting
  • Kernel modifications
  • Advanced scripting/web programming
  • OS Hardening
  • Updates to IP tables and firewalls