Best Tips For Choosing A Domain Name

How to Choose A Domain Name

Search the best names for your business that will help you boost your brand value

Looking for some tips on how to choose a domain name, tips on how to decide on a domain name and how to register a killer domain name. In this post we’ll tell first things to do before registering a domain name.

Before we start, we already placed a search engine at the top of this post where you can try some cool names and suggestions from our AI bot. Lets start the journey.

Types of Brand Names –

Ever wondered why companies like Apple, Uber and AirBnB are so easily identified in a sea of advertising? Jonathan Bell gives step-by-step advice on how to create a lasting brand name.

  • Eponymous Names – Like Tesla
  • Descriptive Names – American Airlines
  • Acronymic – HSBC, GE, KFC
  • Suggestive – Facebook, Uber, Pinterest
  • Associative – Amazon, Red Bull
  • Non-English – Samsung, Lego, Zappos
  • Abstract – Kodak, Rolex

A good brand domain should have follow the below rules –

Unique Name / Brand

Choose a brand domain name that’s unique to your business and has it’s own value. Pepsico and Coca-cola are in same business but they have their unique identity with different brand names. Same goes with Google vs Yahoo Vs Bing, Infosys vs. Accenture vs. Capgemini, Parle vs Britannia, IBM vs Dell vs HP. They all are similar business but have created a brand value for their brands and online presence.

Your customer should be able to recognize you with the name. You should avoid generic names like,, These names don’t showcase your brand name.

Quick to memorize / Recall Value / Short

The domain name should simple and easy to grab and easy to memorize. It should be easy to speak/pronounce, like Google, Yahoo, Pepsi etc.

Related / Understandable

Consumer should be able to relate your brand name easily with your product. Like Panera Breads, Bob Evans Farms, Parle-G, Harvest Breads, MDH Masale, Quora etc.


Avoid names that looks shady or fake like “Make Quick Money Blog’, Win Lottery, Payday Loans, etc. Your name should be trustworthy and look like a reliable business, like ABC Consultants, Apple, XYZ Associates, Infosys, Tata.

Avoid Special Characters

Always avoid hyphens, underscores or other characters. They are just no no. Try to add some verbs, or nouns to and try the search again to see the availability.

Top Level Domain (TLD) Domain

Always try the dot com first as TLD, but if that’s not available switch to other TLDs. You can infact also try the local country specific TLDs like .uk, .us, .in, .de, .be or .ca etc. There are plenty of options available in the market to choose from.

  • .com = commercial TLD
  • .org = organizations
  • .edu = educational institutions / Colleges / Schools
  • .gov = US government
  • .net = networks / groups
  • .biz = business / ecommerce
  • .info = information
  • .pw = professional works
  • .me = personal
  • .app = apps
  • .blog = for blogs

Here’s a short video on Brand Names Vs Generic Names