.ws – top-level domain name (TLD) for Websites

An all-purpose domain that’s short and catchy.

.WS (WebSite) is a great domain for your next site — and a must-have addition to any domains you currently have registered. .WS domains work exactly like .COM domains. It’s 100% globally accessible and can be viewed — and registered — by anyone, no matter where you live.

What can a .WS do?

  • Give you a memorable online presence. As the abbreviation for “WebSite,” .WS is the perfect choice if you want a domain that’s short, unique, and easy to remember.
  • Represent or protect your business. A .WS domain is a great choice for a new website, but it’s also a must-have for protecting your existing domain against copycats.
  • Be purchased by anyone. .WS is available to individuals or companies around the world, no matter where you live or how you choose to use it.

TLD Registration Restrictions

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List of TLDs and ccTLDs

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