.nz – country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for New Zealand

.NZ is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for New Zealand.
It is administered by InternetNZ through its subsidiary, NZ Registry Services, with oversight and dispute resolution handled by the Domain Name Commission Ltd. Registrations are processed via authorised registrars. As of March 2011 there were 433,183 registered .nz domains.

For companies that conduct business in New Zealand and individuals who want to reach the growing number of Internet users there, .nz domain names are a good investment. Registering a .nz domain name gives you regional recognition and an easy-to-manage Web presence.The information below applies to the following country-code second-level domain names (ccSLDs) that we offer at this time:

  • .co.nz — Intended for commercial entities
  • .net.nz — Intended for network infrastructures, such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • .org.nz — Intended for non-profit organizations


As with many long-standing domain registries the registry was maintained informally for some time. The first formally recognised administrative organisation was the University of Waikato until the responsibility was delegated to InternetNZ when it was formed in 1995.[2]

Prior to the current structure, the registry operator of .nz was Domainz. Historically, Domainz was a subsidiary of InternetNZ which also operated as a registrar and vendor of other add-on services such as DNS. This combination of a natural monopoly (the registry activities) and vertical integration (the registrar and other services) was seen by some as restricting competition[2] so InternetNZ moved to separate the provision of registry services into a separate organisation with strong oversight. The final part of this transition process was the sale of Domainz to Melbourne IT[3] in August 2003.

From 1 April 2008 the “Office of the Domain Name Commissioner” (several employees of InternetNZ, including the Domain Name Commissioner herself) became the “Domain Name Commission Limited”, a subsidiary company of InternetNZ.

Second-level domains

As is the case with most other English-speaking countries apart from the USA, Canada and Republic of Ireland, there are a number of second-level domains that identify whether the user is a company, a non-commercial organisation, government body or other classification.

Unlike many other English-speaking countries, New Zealand uses ‘govt’ instead of ‘gov’ for government bodies, hence the second-level domain ‘govt.nz’. There are also sub-level domains unique to New Zealand, such as ‘iwi.nz’ and the broader ‘maori.nz’, for Māori iwi and other organisations respectively, and ‘geek.nz’ for ‘geeks’ .

The following second-level domains are in use with their official descriptions.


  • .ac.nz–Tertiary educational institutions and related organisations
  • .co.nz–Organisations pursuing commercial aims and purposes
  • .geek.nz – For people who are concentrative, technically skilled and imaginative who are generally adept with computers
  • .gen.nz – Individuals and other organisations not covered elsewhere
  • .maori.nz – Māori people, groups, and organisations
  • .net.nz – Organisations and service providers directly related to the NZ Internet
  • .org.nz – Not-for-profit organisations
  • .school.nz – Primary, secondary and pre-schools and related organisations


  • .cri.nz – Crown Research Institutes.
  • .govt.nz – National, regional and local government organisations operating with statutory powers. Registration is only available through the government registrar, DNS.govt.nz, and there is a government portal at www.govt.nz
  • .iwi.nz – A traditional Māori tribe, hapu, or Taurahere group. Available from register.iwi.nz.
  • .parliament.nz – Reserved for parliamentary agencies, Offices of Parliament, and parliamentary political parties and their elected members.
  • .mil.nz – the military organisation of the NZ Government – the New Zealand Defence Force.
  • .health.nz – Health organisations.

Previously used
The Domain archie.nz also existed for an Archie search engine Server operated by the University of Waikato until the mid 1990s.
Since only some of the domains are moderated, it is possible to register outside of the area intended.

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