.org.es – country-code top-level domain name (ccTLD) for Spanish Organizations

The official top-level domain name for Spain ranks among the most popular country-code extensions. Check out the reasons why it is so and how you can get your .ORG.ES today with just a few clicks.

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Availability is a key factor when choosing and registering a domain.
In the case of .ORG.ES, availability is a clear competitive advantage, as it is a less saturated domain in comparison with others such as .com, .net or .org to name but a few. So when registering a domain for your business, your project or your personal digital identity, it is much more likely that the name you have chosen will be available under the .ORG.ES code and this is not the case under other first level codes.

Furthermore, the .ORG.ES domain is a great way to improve the perception of your personal or business identity on the network, as well as making it more professional. Your internet presence will be boosted and this will have a direct impact on your credibility and the trust users place in your website.

Why the .ORG.ES domain?

.ORG.ES is a perfect example of a country-specific TLD that can compete with the popular top-choice generic domains. As we all know, Spanish people like to emphasize their identity and show great respect for their native language. In fact, this is also true for all Spanish speaking communities around the world. So getting an .ORG.ES domain for their sites is a truly natural choice.

Also, if you are running a business targeted at the Spanish market, one of the largest in Europe, having an .ORG.ES registered site will give you a great advantage. By registering an .ORG.ES domain name, you will be able to target individuals and businesses that are much more likely to visit a Spanish .ORG.ES site than the traditional .COM or .NET ones.

Your “.ORG.ES” domain is the Internet address of your company, your organisation or your personal web page which makes your products and/or services accessible to millions of people on the Internet.

It has two purposes:

  • It is your brand on the Internet and identifies your company or your product and/or service brand names on the Internet.
  • It is your Internet address; the easiest and most intuitive way of finding a web site.

You can register your “.ORG.ES” domain with your name and/or surname, your alias, the name of your company, association or foundation or with the trademark of your products or services freely and without restrictions.

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